Nnamdi Kanu Is A Deceiver, He Should Withdraw His Agitation For Biafra And Find Something To Do - A Nigerian Lady Writes An Open Latter To Nnamdi Kanu

A Nigerian Lady Known As  Aries Pink Wrote A Latter to nnamdi kanu giving her point of views and also seeking for Nnamdi kanu  immediate withdrawal, she made this known by sharing this letter on her Facebook  timeline , Read Her Letter Below:

From Aries Pink this is my first letter to the IPOB leader I would be glad to hear from you to send my second letter ....#NOWAR#LETSSAYNOTOWAR# DEAR SIR PROVIDE ALL THE THINGS NIGERIA IS LACKING BEFORE YOU CAN THINK OF BEEN A LEADER,BE A GOOD EXAMPLE TO NIGERIANS FIRST...please everyone should help me share until it get to the IPOB oga at the Top...#we#dont#need#war#.
A letter to Nnamdi Kanu.
Dear sir,
How are you doing I hope you well and your family is doing great,its been over months now that you have been causing confusion in Nigeria, I am gone outline some stuffs for you to sit down do a rethink before coming out to call and claim to divide our great father's land Nigeria.
1) you claim to be the hope of Nigeria right?
Where are your extended families ?
I think your family members and your love ones are all in Nigeria right?
2)when the war starts will you,your wife and all your family members will they also carry guns to fight?
3)you claim to you helping for our rights the money you spending you can as well build roads,schools,healthcare centers,companies, houses,cars for the masses so the Nigerian government would give you a listen ear.
4)You recruited soldiers ,I heard u stayed abroad oga is that how hungry they look,this men are been deceived by you why?
5)you go around saying so many things imagine you call Nigeria a zoo and you leaving there,what animal are you please sir?
6) I think you also educated and you read books why don't you read the negative aspect of war?
7) you deceiving these men cause they have noting doing and you brain watched them oga and you need a country,you said you travelling to Abuja's you had go with 2million people ,the money,cars and all you would transport the 2million people have you ever thought what you could do for them with the money educate them oga and tell them the truth.
Say no to war

See The Photos Below:

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